‘Hazel Pye Spirit of Sexuality’

In 1988 I had my first major one-person show at The Contact Gallery in Norwich. This video is about the artist and her work, which also promoted my sponsors ICI Dulux Paints. It was filmed at my studio and home in Somerleyton, Suffolk. The film was produced, directed and filmed by the late Mike Toll. He created a series of videos about artists and their work which were shown at their one-person exhibitions at the Contact Gallery in Norwich. The music to my video was composed and played by Michael Bates.

‘Memories of the Spencer Family’

In 1953 my father, David Spencer, started taking home-movies of his family with his new cine-camera.This film was lost but recently found and restored by my sister Carol’s family. It shows the Spencer Family, including the Spencer children, Simon, Carol, Hazel, Matthew and Jane also other relatives and family friends at home in Ealing and on holiday in England and France. My brother Matthew also filmed using the camera and my sister Carol is the narrator of the film.

‘A Fragment of Memory’

This film which covers the period October 1938 to June 1941, was made by Michael Orrom in 1984 and shown on Channel 4. It is about the effects of the outbreak of the Second World War on Cambridge University life. My parents David and Mary Spencer met during this period when they were involved in the student Communist movement. The film includes early scenes of Mary and later a still of Dave addressing the Second International Congress for the Alliance of Students for Socialism in 1939