About Hazel Spencer

I trained in Fine Art at Liverpool College of Art and graduated in 1967 with an Hons. Degree in Painting, Art History, and a subsidiary craft of Weaving.

In 1968 I qualified as an Art Teacher and I have taught art in Liverpool, Lincoln and Lowestoft. From 1986 I was a Supply Teacher in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Since 1979 I have practised and exhibited nationally in numerous group, two-person and Major one-person shows on themes of Sexuality, Birth, Fertility and the Four Seasons. This work includes painting, drawing, lino prints, mixed-media, textile art and photography.

In 2005 I moved from Somerleyton to a new home and studio in Oulton Broad, with views of Suffolk farmland and open skies. This and my love of the countryside and horses has inspired work in recent years. This includes a large equine painting, landscape paintings and a series of constructed hand-knitted textiles inspired by the plants, flowers and trees of the Four Seasons. A series of Art Cards were also printed which show the detail of paintings, mixed-media and textile art.

Photograph taken by Jeff Rous – 1988
Photograph taken by Jeff Rous – 1988

In 2017 I became interested in digital photography as an expressive medium. I experimented taking images of subjects in my garden and local landscape, combining and arranging them to create multiple viewpoint photographic collages.

Inspired by the heatwave of 2018, I used the bright light to take many images of my shadow on different surfaces in the landscape, which record a special atmosphere of time, place and movement.

During and since the Covid pandemic in 2020, I have continued to practice and exhibit work which includes a large equine painting in 2021, a self portrait in 2022 and a series of abstract compositions painted over with acrylics, exhibited at the Undercroft Gallery in Norwich in 2023.

Recent work includes a large autumn vase painting and a new series of photographic collages, also collages painted over with acrylic and metallic paint. Images include seasonal flowers and leaves, a self portrait, ceramics, calligraphy, faux fur, textiles, metal surfaces, also LED and galactic light.