Press Coverage and Reviews

June 2014

Lowestoft Journal. ‘Suffolk Open Studios’ and ‘East Point Art Trail’
Reviews and details about the 15 Waveney Artists taking part. Also information about their work in two exhibitions at The Ferini Art Gallery in Pakefield and Lowestoft Art Centre.

May 2009

Eastern Daily Press 2. ‘Voicing Visions. Painting, Sculpture and Poetry’
Two page reviews of Norwich 20 Groups exhibition. An artists and poets collaboration ‘A unique and ambitious fusion of Norfolk art and poetry.

June 2001

Eastern Daily Press. ‘Animal Powers in Art and Crafts’
Details, reviews and information about artists and their work in a work organised by Elizabeth Kozmian Ledward at Wickhampton Farm Barn, Norfolk. Part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

March 1993

Aberdeen Journal. ‘Paintings 1983-1993’ Aberdeen Arts Centre. An article about the show and how it was a controversial exhibition because of its sexual content.

Aug 1990

Yorkshire Art Scene Magazine. Erotic Art. Holmfirth Art Gallery.
‘Update’ Reviews on ‘controversial’ exhibitions currently showing in the area, including ‘Erotic Art’ at Holmfirth Gallery.

Aug 1990

Yorkshire Daily Press
Article about Holmfirth Art Gallery and forthcoming show ‘Erotic Art’, including artist Hazel Pye and controversial work of London artist, Graham High.

July 1989

Eastern Daily Press – Womens Page ‘Women and Art. Inner and Outer Concerns.
Article about a major feminist art exhibition organised by Elizabeth Kozmian Ledward, at St Gregory’s Art Centre Norwich. The show included talks, videos and workshops with feminist artists, Hazel Pye, Helen Gangly, Mouse Katz and Pascale Petit taking part.

June 1989

Women Artists Slide Library Journal
Listing and information about the feminist art exhibition ‘Women and Art’ in Norwich.

Dec 1988

London Weekly Times
Contemporary Art Exhibition. A review of Knightsbridge Galleries and the work by contemporary artists at the Challoner Club in London.

Oct 1988

Eastern Daily Press
Screen Test. Contact Gallery, Norwich.
Article about Mentorn Films screentest for twelve unknowns to present a ‘Wideangle’ Arts show, including a photograph of a potential presenter being videoed with a painting by Hazel Pye, the subject of the video screentest.

Jan 1988

Eastern Evening News
‘Fast Artist make a Quick Exhibition’
Article and photograph reviewing the six artists and eight sixthformers taking part in a ‘threehour exhibition organised by Mike Toll at Heartsease School in Norwich.

April 1988

‘CityWise’, the Norwich magazine
‘Spirit of Sexuality. A Painters Vision’
An indepth review by art critic Trevor Burgess, expressing a personal viewpoint. It describes the style, content and possible meaning behind the work, with references to the statement made by the artist herself.

April 1988

Eastern Daily Press
An article headed ‘Birth of an Artist’ about Hazel Pye’s first major one-person exhibition at The Contact Gallery in Norwich. Emphasis made about the ‘autobiographic’ content and the ‘automatic’ technique. Also about how her work was inspired by the birth of her two children in 1974 and 1975.