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About Hazel

I trained in Fine Art at Liverpool College of Art and graduated in 1968 with a Hons Degree and a teaching qualification.

In 2005, I moved to a new home and studio in Oulton Broad, with views of Suffolk farmland and open skies. This and my love of the countryside and horses have inspired work in recent years. This includes an equine painting in acrylics and a series of hand-knitted textiles, photographic prints and greetings cards, inspired by the Four Seasons and seasonal plants, flowers and trees.

News for 2016

As a member of the Norwich 20 Group for 27 years, in July 2016, I showed my painting ‘Water-meadow’ at the Norwich 20 Group exhibition ‘Eastern Horizons’ at the Forum, in Norwich, Norfolk.


Greetings cards printed

As the first set of Dandy Art Cards to be printed ‘The Four Seasons Series’ is selling well for 2016! I plan to have two more sets printed, one of the new ‘Five Roses’ series and the other of my large painting ‘Mares and Foals in a Meadow’.  The cards are on sale at the Ferini Gallery,  Pakefield, Suffolk and at The Needlecraft Shop, Beccles, Suffolk.


Textile Art Exhibition at the Ferini Art Gallery. 30th September – 30th October 2016

This is my statement for the exhibition:

In 1967 I graduated from Liverpool College of Art with a degree in Fine Art and a subsidiary craft in Weaving. I chose weaving because its qualities related to my abstract painting.

In the following years to understand more about weaving I bought my self a four-shaft loom. I taught myself new skills and techniques including designing and constructing warps. I also became very interested in the textures and qualities of different yarns which create the structure and detail of woven fabric.

After a one-person show at Aberdeen Arts Centre in 1993, I continued to develop my interest in painting and textile art. My work explored the relationship of yarns, hand-knitting, printed and hand-painted fabrics when arranged vertically or woven over painted canvas.

In recent years I started to experiment with hand-knitting, creating vertical lengths using a limited method. These were combined to create a textile work which is constructed as a ‘free hanging warp’. Like the abstract painter Kupka, I am very interested in the infinite aesthetic possibilities of a language of verticals.

My starting point begins with a theme. This inspires my selection of different yarns, recycled sari silks, printed and hand painted fabrics. The hand-knitted lengths are then composed into a textile piece, which like music, expresses the special mood of the theme.

The works for this exhibition have been inspired by four themes.

‘The Four Seasons’ is a series of twelve hand-knitted textiles celebrating the 12 calendar months of the year. The colours, tones and textures are inspired by seasonal plants, flowers and trees.

‘The Rose’ is inspired by my love of roses and also a poem by M. Davenport about red, white and blue roses. The textiles are also a reference to the decorative roses created by Charles Rennie and Margaret Macintosh.

‘Day’ and ‘Night’ are two textile works inspired by my experience of lightness and darkness, a cycle which affects my awareness of passing time.

‘The Nordic’ textiles are my most recent works, inspired by Northern Landscape and night sky. A variety of materials were used, including yarns, recycled hand-knitting, printed and hand painted fabrics.




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