Hazel Spencer

Abstract Paintings

These autobiographical works are from 1983 to 1993. The themes are Sexuality, Birth and Fertility.

Birth Glory

Together Green

Purple Womb

Before the Hill

Cobaltica 1

Cobalitica 2

Big Yellow Drip

Menstrual Door

Tachiste Cross

The Black Cross

Man One

The Great Divide

Ascending Symbol

The Hidden Cross

Women’s Place

How Close

David and I

The Vibration of Life (Tryptich)

Column of Love

Ball Room

New World

Gaia’s Return

Carolina Pink

Cerise Soma

Black Maenad

Blue Maenad


Eve’s Christmas




Mare Goddess

Two into Two

Anne of the Mantlepiece

David’s Wall

Sisters. Carol and I

Young Boy. Calim

Snow Twins

Kate at the Bar

Black Winter

Golden Girls

The Givers of Life

Winter Rain

Silver Apostles

Clitoris 30


Red Arousal

Susan’s Men Typtich

Susan’s Man 2

Susan’s Man 1

Susan’s Man

20 Times Delight

The Blue Egg

Haptic Variations-Infant

Haptic Variations-Breasts

Haptic Variations-Phallus

Haptic Variations-Tryptich

Blue Lagoons

The Pattern of the Dew

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